Seaweed farming with hyperscale potential

Esperance in Western Australia is on track to be the site of our first scalable seaweed farming infrastructure.

Project Status

Scalable seaweed farming infrastructure:

Site selected – Esperance, Western Australia.

Infrastructure designed by GHD – Complete.

Fabrication of infrastructure – Underway.

Deployment – On track for May 2023.

Kelp Reforestation Project with the potential to restore 100,000 hectares

Canopy Blue is on a mission to restore 100,000 Ha of Kelp forest off the Western Australian coast that was lost to a marine heatwave in 2011.

In the process aiming to unlock kelp restoration as a nature based solution to climate change, and potentially restore the 2 million+ ha of kelp forests lost year year globally.

Project Status

Kelp Reforestation Project with The University of Western Australia:

Site selected – Kalbarri, Western Australia.

First deployment of Kelps – Complete.

Monitoring and data capture – Ongoing.

Kelp Reforestation Credits – Available.