Canopy Blue is currently fabricating unique seaweed growing infrastructure to be deployed in Esperance - aiming for May 2023

Canopy Blue has completed design work with GHD for it’s unique, scalable seaweed growing infrastructure.

Fabrication is underway and on track for deployment at the pilot site in Esperance in May 2023.

Kalbarri One

Canopy Blue in partnership with The University of Western Australia, is on a mission to restore 100,000 Ha of Kelp forest off the Western Australian coast that was lost to a marine heatwave in 2011. Whilst proving a methodology for global kelp restoration to potentially unlock millions of tonnes of blue carbon offsets globally. Leading to the restoration of the 2 million+ ha of kelp forests estimated to be lost each year.

Increasing CO2 drawdown, mitigating climate change and supporting biodiversity and food security.